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FL Studio 20 Course | Music Production

Learn How to Use FL Studio, Music Production. All You Need To Create Music Production in FL Studio !
Hosted by Udemy
Taught by Vedat Gezme
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Welcome to the FL Studio course.

In this course we will first learn the interface of FL Studio, then we will learn the techniques to produce music. Theoretical and practical videos are available within the training. If you want to produce music from scratch or learn a sound program for your career, FL Studio is for you!

We'll Create These Tracks : GTA , PUBG, Reggae Beat Production, Deep House Original Mix Production ...

What can be done with FL Studio?

  • You can produce music from scratch.

  • You can mix mastering a track.

  • You can get sound effects for mobile or desktop computer software.

  • You can produce effects for the game or music for the game

  • You can get soundtracks for short films, series or movies.

  • You can record sound and give different effects to the sound.

  • You can produce beat in every style. It's kind of reggae, oldschool, trap beat.

About Me :

I have been using FL Studio since 2007. I used almost every version of FL Studio. If you're curious about my tracks, you can write my name on Youtube or SoundCloud.

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