Email Marketing 2020 - Beginners Guide To Email Marketing

Email Marketing - Learn Email Marketing For Business - Learn The Core Skills Of Email Marketing & How To Get More Sales
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Email Marketing - Email Marketing For Business*

Are you ready to create the single biggest most powerful asset you can create for your online marketing?

Building an email list is the single most important activity you can do with your online marketing.

It is your most valuable online asset and can help you grow your business in ways you probably have not imagined.

*This course is included in the Social Media Marketing Masterclass - So please do not purchase if you already have that course.

Confused / Bewildered?

Do you find email marketing confusing, not sure where to start or have tried it but not had much success with it?

Most people start an email marketing campaign and give up after a short time, because they just cannot seem to get people to sign up, or to actually take action on the emails.

Fancy Some Email Marketing Success?

Do you want to learn email marketing in an easy to understand way, no fluff, no jargon?

Do you want to have an email marketing list that works for your business and helps you grow your long term business profits and objectives?

In this course, you will learn how email marketing works and you will learn how to build and use your email marketing list to grow your business presence online.

Topics Covered:

  • AIDA Marketing

  • Email Marketing Fundamentals

  • Email Marketing Software

  • Building Your Email Marketing List

  • Email Sign Up Options

  • How To Ask For The Email Sign Up

  • The Magic Of PDF's

  • Using Your List For More Than A Sale

  • Email Marketing Campaign Types

  • Email Marketing Writing Styles

  • AIDA Newsletter Copywriting

  • Email Traps & Pitfalls

  • Email Analytics & How To Use Them

  • Understanding Email Automation

  • Using Surveys To Improve The Quality Of Your List

Udemy's Guarantee:

This course comes backed with Udemy’s 30 day money back guarantee, so if you are unhappy with the course for any reason whatsoever you can refund your purchase with no questions asked.

Jump On In:

So join me on the other side and learn how to build the single biggest digital asset you can create for your business online!

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