Digital Marketing with Google Adwords & Facebook Marketing

Digital marketing with Google Adwords & Facebook Marketing for entrepreneurs, webmasters, founders & local businesses.
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Taught by Akhilendra Singh MBA, CSPO, PSM1
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Digital marketing with Google Adwords & Facebook Marketing for entrepreneurs, webmasters, founders & local businesses. This course focuses on practical application of adwords, facebook ads and its alternatives for PPC Marketing. Learn tips & techniques to develop & deploy your own marketing strategy. Free marketing plan template and learn how to use it.

Carefully examine and evaluate adwords, facebook tools and its alternatives, select appropriate tool to deliver better ROI for your investment.

In this course, primary objective is digital marketing and how to use different tools to promote a business. By end of this course, you will know how to select a appropriate advertising platform for your business need. In fact, I encourage you to look for better alternatives to improve your ROI.

Target Audience

  • Entrepreneurs

  • DIY Guys

  • Professionals like Doctors, lawyers, insurance agent or anybody who is looking to launch or promote a business

  • Local Businesses
  • Youtubers
  • Webmasters

Course content can be divided into following Topics;

  1. Business strategy and steps needed to launch a successful marketing campaign for a existing or a new business. We will cover BCG Matrix, Business Model Canvas and Chasm in the course. You will learn the practical application of these important and established business concepts.

  2. Adwords where we cover adwords in detail with focus on our target audience which is mentioned above. We will setup all kind of campaigns and conversions also. 
  3. We will learn automated bidding strategies.
  4. We will address Quality Score, Search Intent & Search Context.

  5. We will also perform comparison with other advertising platforms like facebook ads, linkedin, Bing etc to figure out the best available options for your business. So few businesses may opt for other tools instead of adwords.

  6. Alternatives for local businesses.
  7. Facebook Marketing with focus on social media optimization for free tools like facebook page, group, live(video) and messenger.
  8. We will also cover facebook advertising to address all the options offered by facebook for paid promotion.
  9. Facebook marketing will also include using facebook for lead generation.
  10. You will learn to create your own custom target audience using various facebook options.
  11. Overall all the information about Facebook and Adwords marketing to launch your campaign using these tools and grow your business.

  12. By the end of this course, you will be to create a campaign plan and launch your business. You will get the template with this course which will list all the important steps needed for business or marketing launch.

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