Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing for News Coverage!

A digital marketing guide for news coverage, digital marketing tips and tricks, get in the media using digital marketing
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Taught by Nader Nadernejad
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Get media coverage for your brand using elite PR strategies and Digital Marketing 

In this course I'll teach you how to get press coverage for your brand using elite PR strategies. I've used these strategies to hack growth for dozens of companies around the world including my own personal brand. If you're interested in growing your business or learning some of the fundamental principles of public relations, then this course is for you. 

You'll learn how to: 

  • Use digital marketing to get featured in the news 
  • Seek media coverage from trusted sources  
  • Leverage the power of news media to get your brand featured 
  • Convince news outlets to report on you or your business 
  • Get news coverage each month using digital marketing hacks and pitching 

With hands-on lessons and techniques, you're just a few steps away from getting high quality media coverage for you or your brand! 

There are many digital marketing courses out there, but not many of them will show you how to get in the news! 

This course covers all that. 

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