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I am DJ, Producer & Record Label owner who has also held positions in Publishing, Artist Management, Event Promoting and more with in the music industry in over 20 years. I also run my own Music PR agency which pushing electronic music to spotify playlist, radio around the globe on daily rotational playlists as well as specialist radio shows & podcast, we also push to media and magazines.

On my courses you will learn quick & essential tips of how the music industry works from the ground up across all aspects of the music business, PR, production, management, etc. You will learn what is involved and what to accept as an artist/dj/producer for remixing & record deals. As well as learn about the do's and don'ts of releasing music on Spotify, Apple & download stores.

You will come out of the other end of the tutorials & videos with a vast knowledge of the music industry business to help you on your way to becoming successful & getting the most out of the cut throat music industry.

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