Creativity Supercharger | Unleash Innovation

Learn 30 proven creativity strategies to innovate in any area. Develop creativity tools. Maximize your creativity now.
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Taught by Rajiv Narang
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Learn to be an innovator!

Learn to be more productive!

Learn the strategies of creative genius!

Creativity Supercharger has been carefully designed for those who want to increase creativity and bring it to its fullest potential.  The course is for those who seek to understand creativity so that they can apply it to their work and their lives.  Its for those individuals who want to be creative and innovative in their fields.

By the end of this course students will be able to:

Apply over 30 strategies used by creative geniuses around the world in a variety of fields.

Apply multiple methods to develop truly creative ideas in the shortest time possible.

Understand the creative process so that you can apply it to any area.

What are the most powerful principles that unleash creativity and creative power?  This course covers them.

Creativity can be learned.  Creative skills can be developed and enhanced.  We all possess the ability.  The ability to create and innovate in any area can be improved through increased understanding of creative method and diligent practice of creative skills. 

Imagine for a moment a vast increase in your creative capacity.  You can create as much, innovate as much as you want.  What does that feel like?  How does it feel to have greater creative skill than you have ever had before?  This course is designed to get you there.

The work ahead is challenging.  Getting great benefits will require solid effort.  I strongly recommend you complete every training and practise exercise and that you do so in a space where you are comfortable and free from distraction.  You will also need to be in a space where you can write with pen and paper on hand.  I’m certain that if you study each lesson with an open mind and work through each training session to the best of your ability, a new level of creativity and creative mastery can be attained by the end of this course. 

Innovate.  Produce.  Create.

Let’s get started.

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