Creativity In Advertisements | Why Creativity In Advertisements is Important?

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If theres one thing that doesnt let you forget an ad, whether it is a TV ad or a simple print ad, It is the creativity pumped into that ad. Creative ads have proven to be more effective than their non-creative counterparts and are able to inspire more people into making a purchase.
When a company has a unique product in the market which offers value to the consumers that no other product can, a simple ad telling people about the features of the product may be enough for a company. But what happens when a lot of companies offer a similar kind of product that satisfies the same need or solves a similar problem for the consumers. T such points brands and advertisers rely heavily on creativity to attract and retain consumers. Creative messages have been known to generate more positive attitudes for a brand in the mind of the consumers. So lets begin by saying that creativity matters for both the advertisers and the consumers.
In simple words, creativity can be defined as something out of the box, unusual, the kind of solutions about which not everybody thinks of. Creativity is something original, it is an invention that could be brand new or could be a new use of something that already exists.
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