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Creativity in Advertising is one of the most effective ways to build a long-lasting impression on the target audiences.
Creativity in Advertising adds a special quotient or value that makes the campaign better than the ordinary ones.
Rules of Creativity
1. The focus must be on highlighting the product so that it suits customer needs perfectly.
2. The advertising must assure the customer of product excellence.
3. It should not be free-standing.
4. The ad campaign has to be product-centric.
Importance of Creativity in Advertising
- It is the backbone of advertising especially during marketing mix
- Boosts brand visibility by enhancing the image
- Encourages thinking by offering related information
- Helps to test and convince customers
- Boosts brand loyalty
- Creativity transfers a boring ad into an interesting one
- Achieve promotional objectives
The Creative Process by James Web Young
- Immersion
The first step of Immersion is about collecting data by doing background research.
- Digestion
The 2nd step of Digestion is about understanding the data that has been already collected.
- Incubation
This step involves the use of sub-consciousness to solve a problem.
- Illumination
This is the step where the creative team or individual hits on a perfect idea.
- Reality or Verification
In this last step, the idea is analyzed and verified to know whether it is practical and can be used.
The Creative Process by Graham Wills
- Preparation
Collecting the background data
- Incubation
Understanding the collected data
- Illumination
Getting an idea
- Verification
Confirmation that the idea is feasible
Creativity Example – Volkswagen
- Volkswagen introduced “Lane Assist” mode that made the phone vibrate if it came near the side of the road
Creativity Example – British Airways [Look Up]
- British Airways using digital magic in the “Look Up” campaign
Creativity Example – Heineken
- Heineken achieved the look of a hand grabbing the bottle in its billboard
Creativity Example – Garnier [For Any Hair Type]
- The optical illusion reads “For Any Hair Type”
Example – P&G reinventing “Client & Agency Relationships”
- ”Secret All Strength No Sweat” campaign was shot in the P&G Cincinnati office
This video is on Creativity and it has the following sub-topics.
Time Stamps
0:00 Introduction
00:37 Importance of Creativity in Advertising
01:16 The Creative Process
02:16 Creativity Example – Volkswagen
02:33 Creativity Example – British Airways [Look Up]
02:55 Creativity Example – Heineken
03:05 Creativity Example – Garnier [For Any Hair Type]
03:11 Example – P&G reinventing “Client & Agency Relationships”
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