Creativity Course by a Creativity Coach | Art & Innovation

Creativity & Innovation for Innovators, Artists, Entrepreneurs, Writers, & Students - By a Professional Creativity Coach
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Taught by Gabriel Wallace
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Creativity is the very process of life itself. Creativity is what you've always been doing, since forever. So do you want to create consciously?

Creativity Course by a Creativity Coach | Art & Innovation is a creativity course that gives you extremely practical creative thinking tools to boost your creative genius to whole new levels. This course is perfect for:

  • Artists: Writers, Painters, Musicians, Directors, Designers, Actors, Photographers, Podcasters, Chefs, etc.

  • Inventors

  • Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

  • Leaders, Managers

  • Teachers, Trainers, Presenters, Course Creators

  • Students

  • Parents

  • Problem-Solvers

  • Creatives in Life!

I'm a Professional Creativity Coach and I help people to get unstuck and unblocked and totally inspired, tap into oceans of creative ideas, and to actually create amazing creations. I've worked with individuals as well as teams - creative teams, educators, business leaders, and artists - to not only complete a single creative project, but to transform the way they approach creativity in their work and in their lives.

In Creativity Course by a Creativity Coach | Art & Innovation you can choose which sections are most important for YOU. And you have the option to:

  • Connect with the Foundations of Your Creative Self

  • Master Your 'Creator Psychology'

  • Optimize Your Creative Environment

  • Begin Lifelong Creativity Practices

  • Use Warm-Up Techniques

  • Use Many Creative Thinking Tools to Create New Ideas

  • Use Your Unconscious Mind for Creative Purposes

  • Lead Creative Group Sessions (Great for Teams!)

  • Optimize Your Research Stage of Creativity

  • Enhance Both Divergent Thinking and Convergent Thinking

  • Listen to Creative Visualizations & Meditations

  • Get Amazing Bonuses

Creativity Course by a Creativity Coach | Art & Innovation is very practical. If you have a creative project that you need or want to do, then just one of the many creative thinking techniques will rocket you to fresh inspiration for your creation. And if you simply want to live a creative life, then this course can help you be creative in life.

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