Creative Branding with Advertising Week and Fernando Machado

Learn effective branding strategies from the world's most creative marketer – Burger King CMO Fernando Machado – and his team.
Hosted by FutureLearn
Provided by Advertising Week
Taught by Ruth Mortimer
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Design a powerful creative strategy

This two-week course will help you design an effective creative strategy that works for your business.

Fernando Machado, one of the most famous and decorated marketers in the world, and his head of design at Burger King team up with the agency JKR to show you how to carry off a branding project.

From the first moments of tying your strategy to a business need, right through to getting stakeholders on board and rolling out your brand to the world, you’ll discover the full branding process using real-world examples.

You’ll rethink your marketing approach and experiment with new creative work and design to understand how to carry out creative projects in a practical way.

Understand how to brand your business

Fernando and his team will take you through their thinking, the design process, and the creative work to inspire you to create your own brand strategies, and how to execute them brilliantly.

You’ll learn essential skills to help with the process including how to define your brand goals, how to utilise your brand heritage, and how to engage stakeholders in your plans.

Develop your marketing skills led by experts in the field

Using real-life case studies featuring professionals who already do these jobs, you’ll learn the tactics you can use in practical settings to get ahead in your career.

Led by chief marketing officer Fernando Machado and Advertising Week, a global thought leadership organisation, you’ll learn how to create great creative marketing and content to accelerate your brand.

This course is designed for aspiring marketers and marketing professionals as a masterclass in the real process of creativity.

You could be involved in branding, design, and creative projects or just starting your marketing career.

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