Content Marketing: Mastering Your Content Strategy For SEO

Create a highly profitable inbound content marketing strategy that will attract your ideal customers
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Taught by Gary Shouldis
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Create the perfect inbound marketing channel by attracting your ideal customers through targeted, optimized and well researched content.

In this course, "Content Marketing: Mastering Your Content Strategy For SEO", you will learn how to strategize, develop and execute a highly effective content marketing strategy that will attract your ideal customer.

Just about everyone turns to the search engines (Google) to research products, services and businesses and to also get answers to their questions.  The businesses that show up at the top of the search engine results are able to capture these potential customers and win their trust by providing them with relevant content and answers to their searches.

Do you want to be one of these businesses that is able to attract their ideal customers without spending money on expensive advertising campaigns?

In This Course You Will Learn:

  • How to create a content strategy that will rank content high in the search engine results

  • How to structure your content so it is optimized for SEO

  • How to research topics & keywords so you can create high impact content

  • How to optimize text, video and image based content

  • How to create a successful content marketing funnel

  • How to promote your content and get it in front of the right people

  • How to measure success for your content marketing campaigns

Get Instant Access To This Course:

  • 6+ hours of video lessons

  • Downloadable templates and resources

  • Real examples of content strategies in action

  • Premium support and answers to all your questions from marketing professionals

  • Lifetime access to updates

Why a Content Strategy Is Critical For Your Business:

  1. Content marketing is incredibly cost-effective and offers amazing ROI. Compared to traditional marketing programs, content marketing costs 62% less and generates approximately three times the volume of leads over traditional forms of advertising. (DemandMetric)

  2. Content drives higher conversions for businesses. On average, conversion rates are six times higher for companies and brands using content marketing than those that are not using it, at 2.9% vs. 0.5%, respectively. (Aberdeen Group)

  3. Decision makers trust content over other forms of marketing. 80% of executives and business owners prefer to receive information about a company through articles rather than paid ads. (Stratabeat)

  4. Content offers amazing long-term ROI for businesses. 1 in 10 blog posts are “compounding,” meaning that organic search steadily increases traffic to these posts over time. (HubSpot)

  5. Buyers trust content. The majority of B2B service and product buyers – 95% – consider content as trustworthy when evaluating a company and its offerings. (DemandGen)

  6. Content can help prospective customers at every stage of their journey and create a much larger sales funnel for businesses. Almost half – 48% – of marketers support between three and five of their customers’ purchasing stages with specialized content. (LinkedIn Technology Marketing Community)

  7. Content is becoming critical to the purchasing process. 9 out of 10 B2B product or service buyers say that online content has had a moderate to major impact on their purchasing decisions. (Lenati)

  8. Content has become vital to many companies’ lead generation pipelines. Lead generation, sales, and lead nurturing are the top three organizational objectives for content marketing, at 85%, 84%, and 78%, respectively. (Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs)

  9. Content aligns perfectly with shifts in media consumption habits. Almost three-quarters of marketers – 72% – believe that branded content is significantly more effective than traditional magazine advertisements. (Custom Content Council)

  10. Content compliments traditional sales techniques perfectly. Approximately half of marketers – 49% – are producing content to align closely with various stages of the typical consumer sales cycle to aid sales teams and increase cross-departmental sales enablement. (LookBookHQ)

Your Teacher:

Gary Shouldis is the founder of 3Bug Media, a digital marketing agency that has been helping businesses generate leads online and grow their online presence for over 12 years. He teaches his students the exact strategies and tactics that his agency implements for clients so they can learn and implement these strategies themselves.

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