Career Exit Strategy: Make The Shift To Your Dream Career

Learn how to develop an exit strategy to successfully leave your present career before changing to another one.
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Taught by Matt Schmidt
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Most people are dissatisfied with the work they do. In addition, the average time someone stays in a job is about three years. Change is constantly happening in the world of careers.

But if you leave a job on a sour note, it could catch up with you. When you ally for jobs, they check references. When seeking for a business, your reputation may proceed you. Developing a career exit strategy is essential to maintaining your reputation as a professional and maintaining your brand.

In this course about an hour in length you will meet certain types of workers that seek a career change and why. You will learn about the different scenarios of career change and how to develop an exit strategy for each. Finally you will also learn how to make a break from your present work as seamless as possible.

The course is divided into four sections that cover:

  • The types of individuals seeking a career change
  • Circumstances under which a career transition takes place
  • How exiting a career can have an impact on family and resources
  • How to leave your job effortlessly

If you are considering making a shift in your career but want to launch from your present career successfully, this course is for you.

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