Business Intelligence – Collecting, Cleaning, Merging Data

This course prepares participants to begin business intelligence projects.
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Taught by Illumeo Learning / Michael McDonald
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This course prepares participants to begin business intelligence projects with a hands-on approach to gathering and cleaning data. After taking this course, participants will be ready to create their own databases or oversee the creation of databases for their company.

The focus in this course is on “Big Data” datasets containing anywhere from tens of thousands to millions of observations. While the tools used are applicable for smaller datasets of a few hundred data points, the focus is on larger datasets. The course also helps participants with no experience in building datasets to start from scratch.

Finally, the course is excellent for users of Salesforce, Tableau, Oracle, IBM, SAP and other BI software packages since it helps viewers see through the “black box” to the underlying mechanics of Business Intelligence practices.

If you would like Continuing Education Credit (e.g. CPE, CE, CPD, etc.) for this course, it is available if you take this course on the Illumeo dot com platform under course title: Business Intelligence – Collecting, Cleaning, and Merging Data. Illumeo is certified to provide CPE in over two dozen different professional certifications covering finance, accounting, treasury, internal audit, HR, and more. However, in order to receive CPE credit the courses must be taken on an ‘approved-by-the-governing-body’ CPE platform, and for over two dozen corporate professional certifications, that is the Illumeo platform. Go to Illumeo dot com to learn more.

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