Business Coach Certificate Part 9 Public Relations

Become a Business Coach! In Part 9, Learn Public Relations, Media Kit & Media Interview Skills Plus Publicity Strategies
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Taught by Fearless Entrepreneur Academy / Louise Anne Maurice
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Wondering how to become a Business Coach?  Look no further! In Part 9 of the most comprehensive Business Coach Certificate Program available on Udemy, you receive step-by-step training in public relations, create media kits, improve your media interview skills plus publicity strategies to sell more services.  Use it for yourself and/or with service based business clients using our FEARLESS coaching model to run a successful coaching session. Read the FAQ for more details:


Frequently Asked Questions:

Who needs this Business Coach Certificate Part 9 Public Relations Course?

  1. People who want to become a business coach and don't have a step-by-step business coaching system. 
  2. This public relations marketing course is ideal for coaches and consultants who are just starting their business and don’t have a plan to market to their ideal market 24-7 while they sleep.
  3. Part 9 Public Relations Course is ideal for coaches and consultants who are struggling to get and keep clients.
  4. Do not take this course if you already understand public relations, how to create a media kit and interview with the media and how to use publicity in an overall marketing plan to market your services 24-7.


Why should I enroll in Business Coach Certificate Part 9 Public Relations Course?

  • Eliminate the fear of marketing by learning proven public relations methods that work.
  • No more frustration and struggling to figure out how to market your services 24-7 because you walk away with a complete PR marketing plan.
  • Save time and money after learning public relations essentials to follow, mistakes to avoid, public relations strategies and PR best practices to use in your overall marketing plan.
  • Become more confident and successful as you learn the exact public relations blueprint, media kit creation strategies, media interview skills and publicity basics for developing your expert positioning online that sets you up as the only viable solution your client needs.
  • With your completed public relations marketing plan designed specifically for Coaches and Consultants, you will have the essential foundation pieces to market your services with less effort and more confidence.
  • Whether you work with corporate clients or individual clients, after you complete this public relations marketing course you will market your services the right way.
  • Discover how to use public relations marketing tactics strategically in your marketing plan on a daily basis.


What will I learn in Business Coach Certificate Part 9 Public Relations Course?

  • 6 Part Business Coach Training

Do you know how to run a succinct and successful business coaching session?  Business Coaching Clients pay for results!  Be seen as a prepared professional by using our FEARLESS™ Coaching Model.  You learn how to apply it to each of the sections listed below; whether you are coaching Consultants or Life Coaches.  You receive a template to use that walks you through the timing of each part of the coaching session as well as the exact questions to ask your client.  This training and the resource is priceless.

  • Public Relations 

Public relations plan simplified for coaches and consultants.  You are introduced to the essential information about public relations and how to create a buzz about your business 24-7 and while you sleep.

  • PR 

Do you have a public relations strategy for your business? Most coaches and consultants don't know how to use public relations to improve their business presence but you will discover the key components that comprise a successful public relations strategy. You walk away with exercises that help you feel confident with public relations.

  • Media Kits

Did you know that most coaches and consultants make mistakes when they are developing a media kit that negatively impact their business?  Without understanding the relationship between media kits and the importance it holds for your business success, it is difficult to make connection with the people that want and need the solutions your services offer.  You learn step-by-step what you need to do to develop a media kit to market your business.  You are walked through exercises and activities that help you confidently use media kits the right way.

  • Media Interviews 

Did you know that being interviewed by the media is one of the fastest ways to grow your business?  If you do it the right way!  Most coaches and consultants don't take full advantage of sharing their expertise so that people get to know you, like you and trust you.  You will discover the key components of successful media interviews so that you are successful. You walk away with exercises that help you feel confident with media interviews.

  • Publicity 

How can publicity help you reach your potential clients so they learn about your business?  You discover the publicity mistakes to avoid so you connect with more of the right people. When you have this information you will be more successful. You also receive activities and exercises that you can implement right away.

  • Business Coaching Packaging and Pricing

Do you know what to charge for your business coaching?  Do you know the different packages you can offer?  Don't worry we have done the work for you!  You learn how to use the business coaching system you learned in this course and how to package and price it.


When and where can I take Business Coach Certificate Part 9 Public Relations Course?

  1. At Fearless Entrepreneur Academy, we have chosen to use Udemy; a state-of-the art e-learning platform that continues to be a global leader in online learning delivery.   
  2. Come to class ready to learn when it is convenient for you.  You have access to the Udemy e-learning platform 24-7 wherever and whenever you want to learn.


How much does Business Coach Certificate Part 9 Public Relations Course cost?

  • Part 9 Public Relations Course was designed to give you an exceptional learning experience similar to a high-level training seminar and discounted to sell for only $195 U.S.D. exclusively on Udemy.
  • In this online marketing course, you receive step-by-step educational HD video lectures, hands-on exercises, downloadable PDF note-taking reference guides, free resources, real-life examples, activities, projects and an interactive Q & A forum where you receive insider tips and personal assistance directly from the instructor who not only created the course but has lived the course.
  • To get the most out of this course, active participation is encouraged.  Take the course immediately from start to finish and return as many times as you like.
  • You have lifetime access with your one-time low cost enrollment fee.
  • At Fearless Entrepreneur Academy, we want you to be 100% satisfied with your decision to join the course.  You are backed by Udemy’s 30 day money back hassle-free guarantee if you are not 100% happy.

Join us today in Business Coach Certificate Part 9 Public Relations Course and start seeing a difference tomorrow!

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