Branding Bootcamp - Get the 411 on Branding 101

Hosted by Skillshare
Taught by Steve Chase
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Branding Bootcamp is the perfect introduction to branding and why anyone who is considering creating a business should care about it.

Branding is the secret sauce that can turn a fabulous failure into a stunning success!

But branding is more than colors and logos.

JOIN this class TODAY and learn what you need to know to make branding your new super power!

7 Videos (16m)

  1. Lesson #1 - What Is Branding Bootcamp All About?1:30
  2. Lesson #2 - Deciding Your Vision and Voice3:57
  3. Lesson #3 - Your USP Is Crucial2:51
  4. Lesson #4 - Your Business Name Is Important2:09
  5. Lesson #5 - Slogans and Taglines1:40
  6. Lessong #6 - Visual Branding Is Key2:20
  7. Lessong #7 - Bootcamp Branding Wrap-up1:10

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