Biobased Sciences for Sustainability Capstone

Use the knowledge gained in the Biobased Sciences for Sustainability MicroMasters Program to design a sustainable biobased process.
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Provided by Wageningen University
Taught by Harry Bitter
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In this capstone project, you will focus on designing a sustainable Biobased process. The emphasis of the project is on conversion. You will design a process from biomass to a finished product and discuss your choices for a catalyst, reactor type, organism and feedstock. You should be able to discuss your choices in the broad picture of sustainability while emphasising the conversion aspects of the process.

The final product in this capstone project is a written report.

Complete your MicroMasters credential by signing up for a virtually proctored exam. This 2 hour, multiple choice exam will test your knowledge on all topics discussed in the 5 MicroMasters courses.

You can start the capstone project after completing BB01x, BB02x, BB03x, BB04x and BB05x with a verified certificate for every course.

Note: The capstone project is only accessible for ID verified MicroMasters learners.

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