Beat Google HummingBird And Reclaim Your Google Ranking

This is the ultimate video course to help you rank your websites and web pages successfully on Google HummingBird.
Hosted by Udemy
Taught by Teknikforce Ventures
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Google HummingBird was implemented in August 2013, and according to Google itself, it's the biggest change in Google search engine technology in the last 15 years. This has changed the way you do business online, and the way pages are ranked on Google.

In this nearly 3 hours video course, I talk about Google HummingBird, how it works, what's the technology that runs it, how it changes the search engine, and what you'll need to do get ranked on Google henceforth.

If you own a blog or an Internet website, you need this course to make sure that you retain your rankings, and you are able to exploit this wonderful new opportunity to rank highly on Google.

This course also covers bad SEO techniques that you're already using, which will harm your site, and the good SEO techniques that you must start using to get good Google rankings.

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