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PLUS get the insanely powerful "SELF ESTEEM MIND PROGRAMMING AUDIO" Bonus 

Hey, Justin Quinton here! Let me ask you a question.. 

Do you suffer from a lack of confidence and self esteem?

When you want to speak up during a meeting or class, does a sense of anxiety silence you..

Are you unable to take action when you want to, like talking to someone you find attractive..

Do you try to avoid tension and confrontation in conversations where you need to stand up for yourself or ask for something you deserve…

Do you find yourself overthinking and in your head when around new people and social situations..

Do you feel overwhelmed with negative thoughts or a fear of rejection when trying anything new..

What about obsessive self talk and analyzing stopping you from sharing your ideas or creativity..

Does a lack of confidence and self esteem make it hard to just be yourself and enjoy life..

If you’ve said yes to any of these, you need 60 Minutes to Self Esteem The Confidence Crash Course! 

All of these problems are very common and things I used to personally struggle with myself.

Which is why I know EXACTLY how to build your confidence and self esteem up so you can gain control of your life! 

Best of all, Ive taken the major sticking points most people face, and condensed them into a course thats only 1 hour (1:25:44 if you count the bonus practices)! 

If you’re familiar with my work you’ll know I have a very unique and different approach then the boring “tried & true” or “classic“ same old stuff you’ve heard a hundred times over thats free all over youtube and the internet..

Listen, as our culture and world changes, so do our problems, ever wonder why your parents advice doesn’t always help??

This is why we need different solutions..

Fresh strategies to tackle modern problems of confidence and self esteem. 

This course contains a new perspective on confidence and self esteem that I’ve used with extreme efficiency within my own private psychology practice. 

I want to help you achieve a level of confidence that allows you to be yourself in new environments. 

To be able to confidently strike up conversations with people you find attractive. 

To be fearless with all types of rejection.

To share your ideas and self with the world.

So I’m insanely excited to introduce..


You probably know by now that Confidence is required if you want to reach your potential and achieve happiness in life. This Confidence crash course is designed to quickly help you understand the principles behind self esteem and confidence. Take control of the major sticking points and problems a lack of confidence and self esteem causes. With practices you can quickly and practically use right now. 

Contents and Overview

This course was made for anyone that wishes to control their social inhibitions or anxieties and improve their levels of confidence and self-esteem. The only requirements are a flexible mindset and a commitment to changing yourself. 

Students in this course will have access to 5 Confidence and Self Esteem Principles Video Lectures. Solutions to the top 10 Problems people face with low self esteem and confidence. As well as 5 powerful Practices and Tools you can start using immediately. Including the extremely powerful course finale that installs all the lessons into your your psyche, called: The Self Esteem Mind Programming Audio

Unlike my other Confidence Master Class (The Fear 2.0: Core Confidence Conditioning) which focuses on psycho-education and core level identity change. This course was designed to focus on particular issues and finished in little over an hour. It contains powerful new content that teaches you:

  • How To Build A Social Life Even If You Don’t Like The Bar Or Nightclub Scene

  • How To Handle Anxiety In Any Moment, Just Remember These 3 Things...

  • How To Handle Rejection Or Failure With Confidence & Self Esteem

  • How To Break Down Negative Self-Talk To Unleash Our Confidence & Self Esteem 

  • How To Be Comfortable Being Yourself Around New People & The Life Of The Party

  • How To Handle "Haters", Negative Opinions & Bullies While Maintaining Confidence

  • How To Have Confidence Asking For A Raise Or For The Sale

  • How To Not Run Out Of Things To Say & Build A Connection When With Someone New

  • How To Demonstrate Confidence, Enhance Persuasion, Attraction & Respect

  • How To Ask Someone Out On A Date Without Feeling Creepy. Dating Confidence

  • How To Increase Attraction, Be Unforgettable and Calm Your Nerves Before A Date

  • And Much More..

Start Boosting Your Confidence & Feeling More Satisfaction In Life With This Power Course.

As always, there’s a full money back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied for any reason, so there’s no risk! So go ahead and check out the preview videos and course curriculum! If you like what you see, and are committed to improving yourself, Im confident you’ll love this! 

So what are you waiting for?

If you’re still reading this that means something, it means you know you need to take action and stop letting a lack of confidence and self esteem prevent you from leading the life you deserve! Let me help you with these tools and strategies and don't let the life you could have pass you by.

I’ll see you in there! 

- Justin 

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